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Paul Baeppler, Founder/Owner

Integrity Investigations was “born” the very day my own horrific adventure of a divorce had been finalized in court (The marriage “died’).  At the time, I was a sergeant on the Cleveland Police Department (I’m now a lieutenant).  I was so broke that, even though I was a detective, I would sometimes wear my police uniform to work so that I could get discounted or free meals for lunch and dinner (and sometimes breakfast).  Physically, I had lost over 30 pounds as a result of the heartache, stress and sleepless nights from the divorce.  

My friend, Dan, and I were sitting at a bar the night I of the divorce when he told me that he had a friend who was frustrated by the lackluster results of the P.I. Dan’s friend had hired to catch someone who was scamming his company with a bogus workers’ compensation claim of an injured back.  Dan informed me that he had “volunteered” me to do the job the right way for his friend.  When I informed Dan that I didn’t even have a video camera, he lent me his.  One week later, I had followed the “injured worker” to a different job site where he was working “under the table” (for cash) and I was video recording the “injured” scammer tossing 40 pound wooden pallets onto a flatbed truck for 12 hours a day.  The result of that first private investigation was a check for $1,500 dollars from a very happy business owner and two more workers comp cases to work on, immediately.  This was a king’s ransom for me at that time.


The word, “Integrity means that you “do what you say” and “you walk your talk.”


I discovered a few months later that I actually needed a P.I. license to do this kind of work, privately, so I went and got one by plowing through the bureaucratic mountain of paperwork, background investigation, state exam, business incorporation paperwork and getting properly insured.  

I named the business “Integrity Investigations” because while I was going through my divorce, I felt that my integrity was the only thing that I had left and it was the only thing that she, or anyone else, could not take away from me.  The word, integrity, is defined as the quality of being honest and having strong moral principles.  Some synonyms for “integrity” are strength, congruence, honesty and toughness.  In simpler terms, it means to me that you “do what you say” and “you walk your talk.”  Amazingly, the business name was still available (in Ohio, anyways).

It didn’t take long before I had more business than I could handle and I had to hire a full-time person to help me handle the reports and the other administrative stuff that came with the actual investigative work.  I also started hiring other police officers to help me on a part-time basis.

Some of my clients were astounded by how often we were able to catch people with “debilitating injuries” assisting “helpless” ladies change their flat tires by bending over, removing and tossing around SUV rims and tires that weighed over 35 pounds.  Some were even more surprised by the fact that it always seemed to be the same high-heeled, short-skirted girl with the flat tire.  

We eventually started getting involved with personal investigations such as suspicions of infidelity and child custody, which, having personally been the casualty of an illicit affair, I also found especially gratifying to expose these relationships for what they were.

I found that many of the police strategies that I’d learned and used to catch criminals (Creating chaos, confusion and disorder by taking an indirect approach, using deception, misdirection and baiting our targets) worked effectively in non-criminal investigations also.

 The thrill and deep satisfaction of busting someone who thinks they’re getting over on someone was something I had already been experiencing, in a sense, for 12 years as a police officer.   Now, I’m not going to try and say that it is the same satisfaction that comes with catching a carjacker, a murderer, a burglar or a rapist, but it is still deeply gratifying, nonetheless.

We have grown to become the largest and best-known investigation company in northeast Ohio. In 2013, we also opened an office in New York City and we are now licensed in California.

As a police officer, I’ve spent my police career in patrol, investigative and now leadership roles.

I have a very strong sense of justice and I find exposing liars, cheaters and thieves almost as gratifying as catching violent felons…That’s why I run this business. That’s why we’re here.



Integrity Investigations does not handle work for criminal defendants or people under indictment. Neither do we handle work for anyone that we suspect to be involved in any criminal activity.

About Paul Baeppler

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  • Owner; Integrity Investigations; licensed as “Class A” Private Investigation / Security Provider in Ohio since 2004
  • Owner; Manhattan Investigations licensed as Private Investigator in New York City, New York since 2013
  • Owner; Paul Baeppler Investigations; licensed as Private Investigator in Los Angeles, California since 2017
  • Lieutenant; Cleveland Division of Police; 1993 to present. (Currently assigned to the 4th District)


  • Bachelor of Arts in Criminal Justice Studies from Kent State University
  • Covert Electronic Surveillance Training