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What Is a Social Media Investigation Report?
When you order a Social Media Investigation Report of an individual of your choosing, you receive detailed information about their: social media presence, criminal records, employment history, contacts and addresses, family members, and so much more!

Typically private investigators charge over $95 an hour… But we will deliver a comprehensive investigatory report in one cost-effective solution. Get yours now.

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If we don’t uncover the truth about your situation…then you keep your money.

Our Investigatory Report Is Perfect For…

No matter the reason you need a report, we can deliver you a comprehensive investigatory report about any individual of your choosing. Don’t overpay for a private detective! Let us work for you!

To Uncover Hidden Social Media Accounts

To Uncover Infidelity and Misbehavior

To Uncover Businesses or Properties

To Uncover a Background of Criminality

To Save You  Time and Future Heartache

To Finally Learn the Truth About Someone

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We offer a 30-day money back guarantee.

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I’ve been operating this business since 2004. I’ve gotten my face bloodied making plenty of mistakes along the way and learned a lot about customer service in that period of time (I’ve got the scars to prove it!)

One of the biggest advantages we have over other P.I. business is that you will almost always get a live person answering the phone when you call our office, and at the very least, you’ll get a return call within a business day.

We will do anything legally within our power to get you the answers you’re after.

Social Media Investigation

This is not a simple, INSTANT, Internet Search. This report is completed by a live research analyst who is specifically trained in investigating Social Media accounts.



Analyst’s Summary
Personal Information
Phone #’s & Emails
Websites & Companies
Social Media Accounts & Aliases
Hidden Pictures & Secret Friends
Other Relevant Data Points
Connections Map
Breached Accounts & Passwords
Criminal records & sex offenders
Data capture for a specific time period
Screenshots of comments, pictures, likes
And much more...

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Our Google Reviews

This is not a simple, INSTANT, Internet Search. This report is completed by a live research analyst who is specifically trained in investigating Social Media accounts.

“Paul and his staff are wonderful to work with. They take the time to really understand your client's objectives, work within a budget, and fully understand the need for prompt, accurate results. Their law enforcement backgrounds really show through when it comes to interviewing witnesses, gathering information, and writing reports. Be safe, not sorry. Hire Integrity.”

“I have used Integrity Investigations several times, for numerous situations. The office staff is very helpful in sorting the specific details, and the Investigators are spot on! Add to this, a complete report that goes above and beyond. I will continue to use Integrity, and refer them to anyone who may need their services.”

“Integrity Investigations responsiveness, thoroughness, and understanding of people make their investigative services shine. When I need a PI, I call Integrity... their name says it all. I've had nothing but excellent experience with Paul and Integrity. Thank you.”

“Integrity is AMAZING to say the least. The have assisted me in various PI work and have had amazing results. The turn around time is exceptional and is nowhere close to the others I've tried in the past. Thanks Integrity!”

“Talked to Kristen and had an immediate response as well as information regarding something I was looking into, very professional and response time was undeniably the quickest out of anyone I’ve dealt with, not to mention how nice she was!! Would recommend them 100% to anybody looking!!”

“Integrity Investigations is the best. They work to understand your investigative objectives, are skilled at finding those who don’t want to be found, and know how to talk to witnesses.”

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