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In the age of the technology the rules of dating have dramatically changed. There is dating services on the internet, telephone, newspaper, as well as cable television. The internet has certainly brought the world closer together. Unfortunately when you meet someone from afar you likely know very little about the person. The days, of knowing things about a person before you meet them are long gone.


You need to protect yourself when meeting or dating “strangers”


You need to protect yourself when meeting or dating “strangers”. When you first meet someone it is human nature for everyone to put their best foot forward and come off as charming and attractive. Even some of the most dangerous people may not look so dangerous at all; in fact they could appear quite the contrary.

It might be a good idea to make certain that this individual is indeed the one for you. We can conduct a Criminal History query to see if he/she has ever been convicted of a crime. We can conduct a Driver Abstract query in an effort to determine whether or not he/she has been convicted of Driving While Intoxicated or whether or not he/she has a valid license. It is also possible to determine whether or not he/she has ever filed for bankruptcy.

Before “tying the knot” many people have lingering suspicions of infidelity. It is better to be safe than sorry and learn of infidelity before actually getting married. Many individuals hire our services to conduct video-surveillance in an attempt to determine whether or not he/she is cheating. It will certainly provide you with peace of mind knowing whether or not someone is being faithful before making such a huge commitment.

Often times when meeting someone on a dating site he/she becomes addicted to meeting “new” people and he/she will continue the search for someone else despite the fact that you believe your relationship is stable. You deserve the peace of mind knowing that your boyfriend/girlfriend is not being deceitful. Integrity Investigations, LLC is Your Information Solution.

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Child Custody Investigations

Safeguard Your Child

These are some of the most serious and disconcerting investigations we conduct.
Just who is the other person that is spending all of that time around your child?  Is that person being left alone with your child?  Do you think your son/daughter’s other parent had the sense to look into that person’s background?  If they have a criminal record or worse?

We conduct in-depth background investigations into who the other person is that can either give you some sense of peace of mind or, if necessary, to take necessary actions to move your child out of harm’s way.

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