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This is truly one of the most impressive services that we offer. Would you like to know the answers to the following questions? Have you wondered what emails your significant other has been receiving?


  • Have you wondered what the content was of his/her instant messages?
  • Have you wondered what websites he/she has been visiting?
  • Have you wondered what type of pictures he/she has been viewing?
  • Have you thought that he/she might be hiding financial/bank records?
  • We can conduct a computer forensic examination of your computer / cell phones and recover data and messages that were stored, sent, and received even if DELETED!


An unqualified examiner can destroy your computer causing you to loose any files and programs that were on it.


An unqualified examiner can destroy your computer causing you to loose any files and programs that were on it. The first step is that we have to make an exact image (copy) of your hard-drive (we can either remove your CPU [the tower] from your residence for a few hours or we can come to your location; we only need access to the CPU for approximately two-hours). Then we take the image back to our lab and conduct the forensic examination. Usually within three days we will provide you with a CD-ROM that contains our findings. This service is often used with video surveillance for Cheating Spouse Investigations. The client can learn a lot of information regarding whom their spouse is having an affair with and where and when he/she is meeting someone. It might not be a good idea to confront your spouse solely on the email proof because he/she will likely deny it anyway. Hence video surveillance is the solution.

Knowing where to commence video-surveillance can save a lot of time and money. Upon documented proof via video-surveillance will assure you that your spouse cannot refute it. This is a service that you truly do get what you pay for so beware of cheap software or imitators. An unqualified or inexperienced examiner can overlook/miss important data, or only recover “stale”/inaccurate data. Integrity Investigations is Your Information Solution!

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Certified Computer Forensics

Safeguard Your Child

There are only a few individuals nation-wide who are certified in Computer Forensics; we are one. However, there are many who claim they can provide this service and there is also software programs that claim to recover data from the computer; however you must beware because there is no one-software program that can retrieve all of the data that is stored on a computer’s hard-drive. There can be much more data left behind that was missed. If you feel that there is a possibility that the evidence could be used for court, then you must use a Certified Computer Forensic Examiner such as us; because anything short of that will likely not be admissible in a court of law. In other words, you will not be able to submit the results as evidence in court.

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