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We often use GPS trackers as a preliminary step in certain kinds of investigations. For instance, in an infidelity investigation, where a spouse may only have a gut feeling that something is awry in the relationship, we might employ a tracker to verify that the target’s activities are consistent with what they are telling their spouse they are. So, if he is telling her that he’s going to work out at the gym during his lunch breaks, but his car is showing up at an apartment building on the other side of town, this might bear some further looking into.


Trackers are also valuable in stalking cases or situations where there may be concerns regarding personal safety.


It must be remembered that a GPS tracker is only going to tell you where a vehicle is. It won’t tell you who is in the car or what the people in it are doing.

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GPS Tracking & Business

Safeguard Your Child

We have oftentimes used trackers in situations where someone was terminated from their job and concerns exist that the person might return with a weapon or even track down the person they see as responsible at their home. In these situations, as a matter of safety, we can set up zones whereby, if the tracker comes within a certain distance of a location (whether it be the actual workplace or an ex-coworker/executive’s home), text messages can be sent out alerting those that may be in danger.

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