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Are you experiencing an unusually high number of Coincidences???


Are family members, competitors, co-workers, neighbors or friends knowing things about your activities, or things you’ve said in confidentiality that there is no apparent way they could, or should know?

The use of bugs, which is generally illegal for those who don’t do it for a living, has become widespread among the general public in recent years for 3 main reasons:

  1. Availability (Internet)- This is mostly due to the Internet, where anyone with a credit card or a PayPal account can purchase a quality, reliable bug for under $100 and they can have it delivered to their home, office or a newly-established P.O. Box by tomorrow at noon!

Not to mention the ease of downloading Spyware onto your cell phone via a trojan horse email or text, which can even be done remotely.

  1. Simplicity/Ease-of-Use: These newest devices are brain-dead easy to use In most cases, a 10 year old can figure out how to use these devices and even program them to activate at specific times, or even upon motion-detection.
  2. Technology: Advances in science and production have made it possible for bugs to become both cheaper, better and smaller as time goes by.

There is just so much misinformation out there…
From how to find a hidden bug, to gadgets and tools you can buy on the Internet to detect bugs, to P.I.’s who claim that they conduct bug sweeps (but, actually don’t).

To avoid any confusion, I want to clarify 3 terms commonly used in this business right up front…
A Bug is a covert microphone or video recording device, also commonly known as a wire.

A Bug Sweep is the process of detecting surveillance devices, including covert listening devices, visual surveillance devices as well as cell phone and computer spyware.

TSCM is an acronym Technical Surveillance Counter-Measures and it is
the original Federal government abbreviation for the process of bug-sweeping or electronic counter-surveillance.

A GPS Tracker is a tracking device, normally placed on a vehicle. It uses satellites to determine and track its precise location. For our purposes, it is used covertly and not to be confused with a GPS Navigation System (which assists in helping to get where you’re going)

What you can do?
You have several options if you believe you are being bugged:

  1. You can look for hidden bugs, GPS trackers, cell phone spyware on your own. It usually makes sense to start any search for bugs this way, but you must realize that if a professional has installed the bug, you aren’t going to find it without the proper equipment.
  2. Buy a “bug detector” device online. There are several options and price points, but unless, you’re willing to spend over $100,000, you’ll never be able to get something that will get the job done.
  3. Call the police or the FBI. In some cases, the police will come out and inspect for electronic eavesdropping devices, but in most cases law enforcement just doesn’t have the resources to handle these types of investigations. If it’s a larger department or agency, they are usually too busy handling dangerous and more urgent crimes. If it’s a smaller department, their personnel aren’t going to have the equipment or the training to operate it. And even if they did have the equipment and training, they aren’t going to have the experience using the equipment to be proficient and competent in using it.

    An even more serious issue to consider when thinking about inviting law enforcement into the issue is that of a different kind of privacy. You have to understand that as soon as any law enforcement agency is complete with their investigation, every aspect of their investigation becomes a matter of public record. That means everything from the recordings of each and every conversation you had with anyone who had anything to do with the investigation, beginning with your first call to the police department or FBI office, all the way to the reasons you might think someone may be bugging you, to the officers’ opinion of if you are legitimate, or if he thinks you are mentally unstable.

    Most people don’t realize that all of these records are readily available to anyone that may want them.
    Another factor to keep in mind when considering using Law Enforcement to assist you with a bug sweep is that of control. When you invite them in, you won’t be deciding when the detective comes, or if he comes in, or if he’s any good at what he’s doing, or if he even cares. These are all factors you can control if you hire a competent P.I. to do the job.

    1. Privacy/Public Records issues
    2. They don’t have the resources/training
  4. Hire a private investigator
    1. Look out for Charlatans
    2. Stay away from “generalists”

What I’ve Done:
• Invested in and Upgraded our Equipment.



The OSCOR Green is a spectrum analysis computer that detects illegal, disruptive and anomalous rogue transmissions across a wide frequency range…



This device detects the presence of electronics, regardless of whether the bug is radiating radio frequencies… Whether the device is hard-wired or even if it is turned off!



  • The Cellebrite UFED Extraction Device is the only tool counted on by Law Enforcement to reliably sweep cell phones and other mobile devices for invasive spyware and malware.
  • There are some other cell phone extraction devices out there that claim to do the same thing, but they simply don’t.
  • The above-mentioned equipment are the minimum requirements for conducting comprehensive bug sweeps… But I’ve found through my own research and study that the quickest way to cut through all of the crap when screening bug sweep “experts” is to find out… if the claimed expert has these staple pieces of equipment for this business…
  • Invested in training
    • Where AMEX, Ford Motor Company, Verizon send their Security Technicians
    • Where Law Enforcement sends technicians and detectives for training.
    • From all over the world
    • With us, you get the same technology and training that the biggest companies in the world use to keep their information safe.
    • Not only do you get the best technology and the best training, Chris, does solely electronic surveillance work. He’s immersed in this stuff day in and day out, and his training happens around the clock, in the field and out.

When you call us, you won’t get some guy who’s just dusted off his equipment that’s been sitting in the basement for the last year – you’re getting someone who’s a true expert at what he does.

Because if your privacy has already been invaded by someone bugging you, the last thing you want is your privacy invaded even more when everyone else knows about it.
I’m currently a police officer with the Cleveland Police Department. Yes, that’s right. And when I’m in uniform, I’m on patrol for the citizens of Cleveland….But when I’m working for you, I’m bound by strict confidentiality rules that prevent me from sharing your situation with anyone.

Every day, people discover that they’re being spied on…and at least once a month, we’re uncovering a hidden bug or spyware for a client. Clients discover that their ex is trying to gather information for a divorce or custody battle… they discover that their neighbor is a peeping tom…they discover that a competitor is stealing information…and they discover that their PTA rival is trying to find some dirt before the next meeting.

This is the quickest, fastest, and smartest way possible to experience bonafide Privacy WITHOUT having to buy the expensive equipment and get trained on how to operate it yourself:

It’s Easier Than Ever To Monitor Someone Electronically

Technology has made our lives easier, more mobile, and more affordable. More powerful technology is available in smaller packages, and we depend on this technology to make it successfully through our days

Think about it: how many times per day do you touch your cell phone? How many times do you go near your computer? Interact with an electronic object like alarm clock, television, or coffee pot?

Each one of those things can very easily hide a bug, and many companies exist that sell the exact pieces that someone would need to intrude on your life.

GPS Trackers are readily available online, and although highly illegal for anyone but a law enforcement officer with a warrant or a licensed private investigator to use (with limited exceptions), are in very, very wide use.

Cell Phone Spyware is not as easy to install, but there are many tech-savvy private investigators and computer geeks out there very eager and willing to do this dirty work for anyone willing to pay the money to have it done.

The Clean Sweep System

Our Clean Sweep System starts with a visual and physical investigation. Our team will come in and physically investigate your home, using the knowledge and experience we have of where devices are often hidden.

Cell phones can easily be infected with a remote microphone or other app that you wouldn’t even know is installed. Keylogging software, password stealing software, video and sound recorders… all of these exist to spy on you or steal your identity.

The Clean Sweep System will include a full extraction of the data of your cell phone to inspect it for any of the following:

  • Viruses
  • Spyware
  • Trojan Horses
  • Surveillance Programs

Once the physical investigation has completed, we’ll do another review of your home with our tools and devices (a more detailed description of which is not provided for security purposes.)

But we’re not going to stop at just investigating your home or office. Because your life doesn’t just get lived in your home – you’re also in your car a lot. From your commute to your errands… you spend enough time in your car that monitoring devices are used frequently in automobiles as well.

So as part of the Clean Sweep System, you’ll also receive a full visual, physical and electronic investigation of your vehicle. We’ll ensure that no trackers, recording devices or transmitters are in your vehicle, recording your movements or what you’re saying or doing in your car when you’re in it.

Your Investment Is In Your Own Peace of Mind

Because the Clean Sweep System can vary in length and intensity, there is no one-price fits all investment. This allows us to personalize your experience and ensure that we’re meeting 100% of your needs.

However, you can expect to invest between $3,000 and $10,000 for The Clean Sweep System.

The rise of technology in today’s world has made it difficult to stay ahead of the game, but we have the right people on our team that keep us one step ahead of people who want to take advantage of you.

Call us at today to speak with a client specialist to determine if this service might make sense for your situation. The outcome will be one of two scenarios…Number One, we find a bug and set you on a course of eradicating it and resolving the issue, or…Number Two, we don’t find any bugs and you experience peace of mind and confidence in your environment.

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